Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pro Choice, Male Edition

OK, controversy time. Before I post a blog on this issue, please share comments (click on "comments" at end of post below) on how you feel about this story (please read it completely first). I'll give a few days lead. What's your opinion, and what is the real issue here? Male and female comments are equally welcome.

Oh. And please don't sugar coat it, tell me how you really feel......


Mahatsky said...

interesting confluence of events--chip away at women's rights so they can't terminate a pregnancy and at the same time try to eliminate men's responsibilities to their offspring. how convenient. btw, who stopped Mr. Dubay from using a condom?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Karl!

Omni said...

So, the woman is supposed to choose between abortion, IF she has access and can afford it, and which she might think would be the murder of an innocent infant, or enduring the health risks, risk of DEATH, and certainty of pain and lesser physical discomforts, not to mention expense and permanent altering of her body, to give the child her hormones would be screaming for her to keep to someone else for adoption, or having the child herself with no financial help, likely joining the many other women with children living in poverty, right?

Utterly despicable.

I have nothing but contempt for any man who voluntarily has intercourse and then wants to walk away without any shred of responsibility for the child he might have fathered... and the idea that a woman should just shrug and "get rid of" her baby one way or the other at the man's whim is a disgrace.

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