Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pure Inspiration

The cynic in me wants to caveat this piece with a reminder that not all in the news, especially from Hollywood, is as real as it seems. But out of immense respect I will take that chance, that leap of faith. I choose to believe in this woman who has recently left us.

Like many in the world I have felt a great deal of respect, sympathy and empathy for Christopher Reeve since his resulting paralysis from a horseback riding incident in 1995 through his death in 2004, with all the courage, effort, painful struggles and inspiring, tireless work in between.

But my heart and mind were also greatly moved by the remarkable example set by his wife of only 3 years at the time of the accident, the former Dana Morosini, now Dana Reeve. Here was a beautiful, intelligent, talented and successful actress of 34 who chose love, compassion but also the realities of life (and had the wisdom at that tender age to recognize it) over the tempting lure of an easier and more convenient, understandable lifestyle. She did this surrounded by a culture which not only would have forgiven her for her choice, but which would have encouraged her to do so. One has to wonder how this Sturm und Drang may have hastened her untimely succumbing to disease at the tender age of 44.

She may have learned the peace few of us ever may, and most of us may never. I shall mourn and respect her passing. She undoubtedly made the final 9 years of Christopher's life a little easier to bear, perhaps to the detriment of her own. And I sincerely hope I can someday find what Christopher and Dana managed to.

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