Monday, March 26, 2007


The History Channel and other sources proudly remind us that there are many ways to skin a cat from a law enforcement perspective, once we are sure that all the circumstantial as well as the inadmissible evidence is sound but not necessarily court-proof. The infamous example is that of Al Capone, a gangster and killer of epic proportion, yet skilled enough to avoid the smoking gun for his illegal activities. So the feds took a different approach, asserting that although his income, while illegal, was still subject to federal income tax. So they nailed him on tax evasion.

The new oversight congress is taking much the same approach with the woefully inadequate current federal AG, Alberto Gonzales. Here is a guy who is so unqualified for his current position that in the real world he'd struggle to achieve county prosecutor in a rural post. But due to a combination of PC pandering and a talent for being a yes man he's ridden coattails to the top.

The fact that he's flown cover for so many anti-American, anti-democracy activities (read: torture, illegal surveillance, cancelling habeas corpus among others) necessitates that this cancer be excised as soon as possible, and by any means necessary.

Our sound bite culture, as well as the sophisticated spin machine on the far right make it difficult if not impossible to objectively weigh all the evidence and reach a collective, thoughtful decision on the AG; it's always gonna be a Sharks-Jets scenario. Given that, I think the Dems are pursuing the best case destination, the thread that, while it may not have the strongest preponderance of evidence does have sex appeal to capture the public psyche enough to weather the spin storm.

May I also state that any American, regardless of party, regardless of issue, that supports the idea of Executive Branch members who have evidence of impropriety against them and are refusing to answer questions on the record and under oath should have their citizenship revoked.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


A favorite. Enjoy while YouTube still supports it (till Viacom kills it) Go to YouTube and search on the Honeymooners to get other episodes:

Part 2
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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Beginning of the End?

Of our national nightmare.
Behind the scenes, the Dems are undoing the hijacking.
One of them.