Thursday, March 16, 2006

Who Cares?

It would be amusing if it were not so sad. I'm talking of course not about the ongoing Iraqi occupation, or the illegal domestic spying, or even Dick Cheney shooting friends in the face. I'm talking about the use of banned steroids in sports; not the seeming increase in their use (or their reporting), but rather the fact that we seem to care. We have serious talking head analysis about it, testimony under oath in congress, and serious water cooler banter about whether or not so and so deserves his record or to be inducted into this or that hall of fame.

I could not care less.

If they want to do the drugs, let them. Let them take as much as they want! These are games they are playing folks, games! They are not issues that seriously impact everyday people's lives (unless they're losing wagers on certain games!). How about congress and the talking heads focusing on things that can improve the lives of struggling workers, like maybe fixing health care? Let the games crowd worry about themselves.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree with your assessment for two reasons. One, use of steroids, especially on a long-term basis can cause serious ill health, and in turn cause a rippling effect for everything related to getting people and their health back to 'normal'. We have enough medical challenges to deal with from people who unwittingly damage their health, let alone from people who do this on purpose. Second, the admiration a fan has for their athletes and the athletic accomplishments should be done through a 'clean body', not from an athlete who is so pumped up with drugs, that you don't know if they're effort is human or fake.