Friday, March 18, 2005


"What's the difference between an anti-choice Democrat and an anti-choice Republican? The Democrat will also care about the child after its born!"

I'm paraphrasing DNC Chair Howard Dean's recent comments, though I believe I've kept his meaning is intact. The recent hypocritical brouhaha raised by the righties over the Terri Schiavo situation is typical of their "moral" standings: stand on theoretical principal, but be conspicuously absent when real life filters in (unless the issue affects their family personally). Even the US House is weighing in on this one; court rulings over the last 10 years leading up to this day and its events aren't good enough for them. These are the guys who boast of the "rule of law" in the US; I guess that only means something when the judges uphold their point of view. Otherwise, its "change the rules". (I'm surprised the House has time to get involved, what with the other more weighty issues they have taken responsibility for, like steroid use in major league baseball) This poor woman. They don't care a lick about her or what they're dragging her family through. Funny, if the whole family was actually united to keep Terri artificially alive, and they needed some government assistance to do so, the righties would be as scarce as a Texan at a Parisian crepe judging contest.

Righties' main concern


Flyboy said...

Boy, this situation has gotten so far out of hand it is damn scary. “Our” representatives have resorted to issuing subpoenas to the doctor, not that they think they have any legal basis to do so, but rather as a desperate last-ditch tactic to ensure Doc won’t be present to remove the feeding tube. And they see nothing wrong with this tactic?

Every time in history we’ve been told “the ends justify the means”, we have always been sorry. Where do these champions of individual rights get off? I’ll tell you where. They’re making sure Medicare covers unlimited Viagra prescriptions, while ensuring that the immoral practice of birth control is not so much as mentioned in any federal health program.

sooray said...

Like I've said before: if this kinda thing keeps up for another 6-8 years, Canada's gonna start looking mighty good.....