Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Week's Potpourri

Naz-ti Byrd:
Another comical dust-up by the righties this week attacking Senator Robert Byrd (D-W.Va) for a speech in which they insist he likened them to Hitler and his Nazis. More hyperbole, IMHO, but see what you think. Then see Wonkette's recollection of some rightie Nazi accusations....... (When's it gonna be OK to historically compare political conditions to similar conditions in pre-war Germany without linking to the atrocities of Germany in WWII?)

Who you callin' "Elite"?!?: Interesting "celebrity" panel next week in D.C. discussing, among other things, "Is the Media Elite out of touch with America?". Does "Media Elite" mean publications like the New York Times which produce, thoughtful, intelligent, well researched, comprehensive articles (as opposed to USA Today, Fox and Newsweek)? And by "America" do they mean the folks who watch pro-wrestling and listen to Limbaugh? If yes to both, the answer would be, ah, no, not that much......

The Next War (sigh....): Looks like the Dubyas are so confident with Rove's approach (and why shouldn't they be?) that they're applying his election blueprint to public policy spin. The War on Social Security (to be followed by the Wars on Every Other Program To Help The Less Fortunate) now has its own Central Command.

Martha Makeover: Will we now see a kindler, gentler Martha? Regardless, the residents of New York State must be breathing a little easier knowing her movements are being monitored by an electronic ankle device. Alas, no more morning romps with the dog, the horses, or the reporters for the next 5 months......

Miracle Products: While Team W is busy making your life more miserable, there are still companies working to improve its quality through scientific advances. (Product One) (Product Two)

Finally........: A bumper sticker seen today: "What would Scooby do?"

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