Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Rise and Fall.....

If there was any doubt as to the righties' commitment to eventually pack the federal courts with out-of-the-mainstream right extremists, or to abuse their absolute federal power by promoting an extremist rightie-ideological agenda, such doubt should have been removed this weekend with the cynical law rushed through congress to assist Terri Schiavo's parents with their relentless quest to artificially keep their comatose daughter alive. One just has to read a single line of the arrogant new law to understand the precedent it sets, and the shape of things to come. The law states that it gives "any parent of Theresa Marie Schiavo" standing to sue in federal court to keep their daughter artificially alive. Screw states' rights, that's just a flowery phrase they throw into speeches to sound populist and noble. I can't think of anything these characters have done to date that demonstrates better their creed that the "rule of law" only applies when it agrees with your personal ideology. When it doesn't, simply change the rules. Welcome the the budding world of fascism!

So at least we're no longer talking about ANWR. I wonder what next week's topic-du-jour will be?

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