Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Christians United Against Christ

It always blows me away how many self-professed "Christian" organizations preach and emphasize the exact opposite of what Christ actually taught, prefering to spread hate and intolerance. The latest example.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, you are mistaken. I disagree that they are preaching hate. They are sticking to the teachings and principles set forth in Romans 1.

Just because the world has come to believe that there is no sin in homosexuality does not mean that the God of Abraham has changed.

As a private group, they have a right to remove members from their ranks as they see fit. I'm sure some other church will welcome them with open arms.

The homosexuals will more than likely be better off in other churches that aren't filled with bigots and hatemongers.

sooray said...

That's Paul's letter to the Romans, not JC's. One of the few apostles who got what he was saying was Mary M. Paul was one of the least. I agree with your premise of the private groups' right; the same one the KKK has to exclude certain members.

Promoting exclusion based upon prejudice is tantamount to hate; it enables and supports harmful acts.

Thank you for your comment.