Tuesday, September 06, 2005

First Things First

The rightie online "media" and bloggers are abuzz regarding Katrina, gleefully defending their dolt in D.C. ("American Left Admits Bush is God, Responsible For Hurricane!") and just as gleefully summing up the problem in their typical simplistic ideological ways: Black Mayor failed his black constituents. Lawlessness like this has never happened before in natural disasters. Sure its bad, but crime cannot be justified. Something must be basically wrong with the residents of The Big Easy. And my fave, the liberal media is not showing us the positive pics from the Gulf Coast, just the negative (couldn't they at least put some makeup on that corpse first??).

But there's some truth to some of the questions raised and John Tierney more intelligently raises them in his column today. Ray Nagin and Governor Blanco should and will face their day in court for their utter lack of adequate planning and pre-storm execution.

However, he misses the point. Once it became apparent that this was a major catastrophe and people were suffering and dying (like, monday afternoon??), FEMA and other federal assets should have been in the mayor's and governor's face. But instead what we heard was the familiar litany of bureaucratic excuses and fingerpointing, and laments about the inaccessibility of New Orleans (should have hitched a ride with the "news" organizations). And lets not even talk about the fact that 40% of the local national guard and 50% of their equipment are in........ mess-opotamia......


Brady Westwater said...

There is a difference between failing - and lying to the people you are supposed to protect. And that is what Ray Nagin did.


sooray said...

He comes across as a slippery character for sure, tho no more than a lot of public figures. My point is that w/i days of a disaster of these proportions, only the feds have the resources to relieve the immediate suffering. I don't know what he supposedly lied about, but sorting that out is not the immediate concern.