Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fascism Begins at Home

Incredible. As W cruises through his (thankfully) final term, he and his ilk continue to push the edge of the accountability, this time with regard to a US tragedy. Having successfully stifled adequate coverage of the tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of the innocent killed in Iraq, as well as prevented pictures of US soldiers killed there from being published (and therefore to prevent a faster decline of support for his war), he now figured the same thing would work at home. Apparently the feds tried to prevent the media from covering the recovery of the dead in Mississippi and Louisiana after the hurricane, presumably to suppress the swelling outrage at their bungling of the rescue effort (amusingly, they said it was to protect the "dignity of the dead"..... ahhhh, right.....). Fortunately for us this time one media organization had the chutzpah to successfully call them on it.

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