Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Slip Slidin' Away

For those following world events beyond the White House Press briefings, an Iraqi fact has become painfully clear: the situation in Iraq may have now slipped beyond the point of return. There have been many articles and op-ed pieces reporting on the deteriorating situation over the last 6 months (after the breast-beating declarations of victory for the "elections"), but the following two pieces do a good job of framing it: Baghdad Mayor & Porn Biz . The US military is increasingly at risk, services are getting worse, not improving, only about 10% of the Iraqi militia forces envisioned by now are trained and ready (with scores being slaughtered weekly), and the fragile governing infrastructure is collapsing. Secretary of State Colin Powell warned W 2 1/2 years ago "you break it you own it". Even the best rightie spin cannot put lipstick on this pig now; we broke it, but we're not owning it.

Look for major US military withdrawals just prior to the midterm elections next year, regardless of the chaos in Iraq.

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