Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Brooks Factor

Well finally, the more intelligent and considerate of the righties are now moving into the real world. Although I've always considered David Brooks to be a progressive who felt he could make a better living posing as an intellectual rightie (oxymoron?), he has nonetheless consistently made considered, factual (in some cases), and non-emotional cases for the Bushies, complete factual context notwithstanding. He's different from most righties, preferring to lay out a series of intellectual arguments against the progressive thought rather than a series of goose-stepping rants about god, country, liberal weakness, and "tearists", "hard work", aid to the enemy, etc. (like the Michael Moores of the right). He recognizes that you can't put any more lipstick on this pig called Iraqi occupation. But unlike most stiffies, I welcome him; I don't see this as a soft underbelly to exploit, a weakness to exaggerate. I see it as a step toward sanity.

His latest column reflects the recent "the emperor has no clothes" epiphany that a number of moderate righties (some no doubt preparing for the 2006 mid-terms) are having lately regarding the W administration's foreign policy, or lack thereof, specifically about the debacle in Iraq(where the hell were you last November??? What information did you lack????). While he is careful to remain a constructive rightie, there's no doubt as to his concern that the present course is off-course, and is unlikely to change soon. Also missing is the drumbeat notion that "liberal" opposition to war endangers the American people and troops. And lastly, the fact that the last election was less a strength of John Kerry, and more an-anybody-but-Bush has turned into a "did we miss something about national security" issue. We certainly have a lot more useless "security", a lot less freedom, and much less guarantee of safety.

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