Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What Gay Marriage Amendment?

One of the leftie radio pundits pointed out that we've heard nothing of the Gay Marriage Amendment since the Nov. 2 election. When I think about it, I believe he's right. Prior to the election, it was a daily part of the news, a large part. After, we go to election problems, cabinet resignations, replacement nominees. No more GMA.

If this anecdotal observation is in fact true it speaks volumes about the way national campaigns are run today. Years ago we would point to 2-3 broken campaign promises as we criticized a sitting president ("read my lips--no new taxes!"). It will be interesting to see if ANYTHING Bush said during the '04 campaign comes to pass. The real issues never grew legs while the media happily saturated us with smokescreens like GMA, designed to polarize us. Its hard to believe that a large, semi-sophisticated nation and its news organizations can be so easily manipulated.

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