Friday, January 14, 2005

Social, Security, took care of this lad......not

Wonkette I ain't (our heroine? or gin perhaps? But I can spell.), and I'm not even worthy of polishing the electronic pen of her holiday stand-in, "Anonymous". But still, I try to contribute. One of Madman's muses points out the following paragraphs from the Washington Post:

The campaign will use Bush's campaign-honed techniques of mass repetition, never deviating from the script and using the politics of fear to build support -- contending that a Social Security financial crisis is imminent when even Republican figures show it is decades away.

In addition to their own efforts, White House and RNC officials are working closely with the same outside groups that helped Bush win reelection in 2004, especially Progress for America, a political organization with close ties to Rove. RNC officials have privately told top congressional aides they will work with Progress for America and others to provide political cover through television ads supporting the Bush position and condemning those who oppose it. To coincide with Bush's new drive, Progress for America is running a television ad on Fox and CNN that compares Bush to Franklin Roosevelt, the father of Social Security.

Once the debate intensifies, Progress for America and other pro-Bush groups such as the National Association of Manufacturers plan to target individual congressional members with the precision of an election campaign.

Muse's comments:

These three paragraphs excerpted from a longer article in the Washington Post, 1/14/05 on the Bush Social Security plan. The details came from Republican strategists. These guys just slay me; why try to promote a plan on its own merit when Goebbles-style [sic] propaganda, fear mongering, and character assassination will ensure the job gets done? The notion of what Republicans used to stand for – the public good – just isn’t part of their agenda.

He scares me (both)......

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Wightie said...

Awright awready, Goebbels. I wrote it at the end of a long working day, something the Madman must surely recollect, however dimly. Had I been fit to flourish greater intellectual acuity, I would have written Goebbels-esque. But, aah, irregardless [sic]of my mental state, I would never use the parenthesis when the bracket is the appropriate tool to cite ignorance or good old fashioned American stupidity, that boundless resource of which I myself am bountifully endowed.