Monday, June 12, 2006

The Color Purple

I brought this up in a blog last year, but think it bears repeat scrutiny. Look at the map to the left (taken from the RNC web site) and what do you see (besides a greatly exaggerated depiction of red dominance)?

With few exceptions, all the major population centers in the US are blue, or dominated by progressive voters. The vast majority of lightly populated rural areas are dominated by regressive voters.


My theory?

Major population centers tend to have much greater access to social, cultural, and political diversity through the arts, lectures, media and educational institutions thereby exposing the population to greater thought diversity (not to mention real life outside of these United States). This results in more nuanced and considered opinions. And I also believe these areas are more exposed to the effects of poverty, as well as the work of charitable organizations.

Your thoughts (besides calling me an elitist)?

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