Thursday, January 12, 2006


Hidden behind the current Alito coverage are other stories of the news cycle, particularly the attempt of L. Paul Bremer III to sell a book. Mr. Bremer, who prefers to go by the forename L and the surname III is attempting to be the latest public figure to secure his future by distancing himself from his past. Despite his rabid defense of the W approach to the invasion and occupation of Iraq when he was the man in charge, he now has considerable criticism, much of it quite valid, now that he has a career to cultivate and a book to sell. Mr. L. III does little, however, to take responsibility for his role in the Iraq mess, or his inability to correct it, much less extricate his reputation from it. Easy to call it on monday, Mr. III. Perhaps you can also blame Jacques Chirac and Jean Chretien? Enjoying that Medal of Freedom, are we?

Another Opinion

Now he wants to distance himself from his book!