Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Well Hush My Mouth!

I was floored when I saw the link to this story in my favorite gossip e-rag, Wonkette today. As my reader may know, Senator Rick Santorum is a regular target of mine. But let me be the first to admit it when he does something right. Plus, with this he's even reversed an earlier position, and I respect him for that (ow, that hurt!)! So now he's moved from the 13th century to, say, the 18th?? One by one the rats are jumping from the good ship W.

As you read the story, please don't pass up the little gem offered up by Pat Robertson.

I LOVE the premise of the re-packaged creationism: that the universe is so complex, it has to be the work of an intelligent being...... How utterly arrogant.

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