Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hello, New Orleans!

I have been baffled by the comments and eMail I've received from the last post (and since revised update at the end) related to the CBS story about rebuilding New Orleans. My modest little blog doesn't deserve such attention, and perhaps my poor communication skills have contributed to the misunderstandings. I would ask this of people with opinions: read, digest, only then respond. Consider the following:

  • I don't understand how you can make this a partisan issue at this point. The FEMA rescue role is history. How you can make rebuilding a rightie/leftie issue is beyond me. But apparently you try.
  • I love New Orleans, it would crush me to see it go away. And it is unrealistic to expect to relocate 500,000 people in a humanitarian way.
  • There are irresponsible views that you are lumping me in with, like the Kill New Orleans bloggers.
  • I am simply suggesting that we need to look at the reality of this issue: Never before in the history of our country has a major city been completely evacuated, and been rendered so uninhabitable and potentially dangerous.
  • 60 Minutes is one of the most reliable, true journalistic icons of the last 35 years. To continue to trash its near impeccable record because it outed W as a fraud last year on claims (that have been proven true) with bad records is wrong.


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