Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pet Peeve #497

I hate to sound like Andy Rooney (and don't get me started again on him and what compromising pics he must have of some key CBS execs to stay on the air), but this performance admission ticket issue absolutely pisses me off! Recent quote on Ticketmaster for a local performance:

Ticket: $68.50
"Building Facility Charge" (what the hell does that mean?): $2.50
"Convenience Charge" (this one kills me!): $4.25

Why not just add the following in addition:
"Electricity and Utility Charge": $1.50
"Property Tax Charge": $2.00
"My Boat Payment Charge": $3.00
"Futures Trading Realized Loss Charge": $5.13
"Air Purification Charge": $1.00
"Bodily Waste Processing Charge": $1.50
"Wartime Tax": $1.75
"Our Deception": Priceless

Please, don't insult me! Just be honest and tell me up front my ticket is $75.25, and do the accounting allocation yourself. I'm OK with $75. And stop trying to take advantage of the fact that most Americans still believe pricing is cost based.

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