Friday, October 21, 2005

The Ignorant, and the Brave

Got to see Mr. Bill O'Reilly hawking his book on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart this week. I love the fact that Jon will host alternate points of view, but having BO on was a puzzle to me. Bill is successful from a TV trashy tabloid point of view, but is hardly a serious pundit. We already know that Bill is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but what the hell was an intellectual like Stewart thinking? Maybe a Carribean shower joke or two?

BO strutted his true stuff when he referred to France as "our enemies", and used the tired refrain "we saved their butts in WW II". I don't know how we can expect any two groups with mildly different opinions on a subject to get along when we aggressively refer to such a long time friend and ally as France as an "enemy". OK, maybe Peabrain is pushing the showbiz buttons for ratings. But members of the W administration and congress have done the same.

A couple of things to remember: First, guess who funded the revolution of 1776? France! We didn't have enough $$ to get the job done, but the French stepped in to pay the whole bill. Second, we helped a bunch of countries in WW II; China, Korea, The Philipines, all of Europe and north Africa, USSR, on and on. Thus the term "Allies". And the Statue of Liberty??

Quit demonizing a wonderful country, culture, and people just because their government had the chutzpah that so many others lacked the chutzpah to say: Invading a sovereign nation which posed no threat to us was immoral, and wrong. We have plenty of real enemies.


rmacapobre said...

unless the UN make concrete sanctions against the US, (some) americans will continue to think they did the right thing ..

lowglow00 said...

I have to disagree with you on the French.
Although I'm no big fan of O'Rielly or Bush I do look at Frances history of Human rights abuses and some of the underhanded things they did to us.My first point is the Vietnam war, during Frances occupation of Vietnam they insisted on us provideing aid to them, which at the time our Country did not want to become involved with for political reasons and fear of Bringing the Soviet Union into a confrontation with us, however when almost every French Soldier was killed in Vietnam , France placed thier loss on our shoulders and blamed us for it, hence we became involved in the Vietnam war at Frances insistance that we owed them. one other example is Frances attack in an other nations waters against a Greenepeace Ship that did nothing to them but protest testing nukes in the ocean and destroying ocean life, the end result, Frances secret police blew up the ship and a few people died as a result.
Another thing France did that was illegal was talking us into becoming involved in Bosnia and Kosovo and I can say this beyond a shadow of a doubt because I served in Kosovo, The UN voted not to become involved in Kosivo yet France insisted we go in anyways although we were going to kill the Serbians whom was and had been our historical allies since WW2, remember it Was the Serbs that fought, defended, and saved our POWs from capture while the Croats were allied with Hitler and under his command the Croats Hanzer SS Division murdered 2 million Jews and over 1 million christians and other groups that were believed to be a threat to Nazi Nationalistic goals.
MY final point is Iraq, well you may ask what France had to do with it and I will tell you as more and more proof surfaces. As you already know many sources were compiled to make the case of WMD in Iraq, however few people noted that many of our Sources came from informants that passed photos's and information to our intellegence agencys and thier names are protected by UN laws mandateing the protection of all people that give information that could be endanger thier lives. Well recently a spy was arrested in Italy who worked for the French Secret Police, he confessed his main job was to pass false information to the USA that claimed Iraq had Nukes and other types of WMDs, Now ask yourself this question, why would France who claimed they objected to the iraq war pass false information to US ?, it's simple, right after we went into Iraq, France made a power play to gain control the UE Banking System, in other words they wanted to control the economy of the whole EU and they could only do so if the USA was thrown out the of the picture. For years the USA had lobbied that the EU have no central bank contolled by one nation. So France needing to gain votes had to bring the USA to look in a less than favorable light with the EU community. This succeeded and they were able to turn us into the most hated nation in Europe. In the end they failed to gain control of the Banks because they ended up loosing thier bid and were voted out by the EU, regardless of how the EU felt about the USA, and we should Thank the UK for this.
My Advice, watch this oil for food scandal as it further unfolds, France will in the end look very Nationalistic and cause many members of the EU to mistrust them.