Thursday, April 07, 2005

Two Tales of a Memo

Oooo, that pesky Schiavo memo. Actually, I didn't find it all that disturbing or shocking; one would be naive to think that it doesn't represent business as usual everyday inside the beltway, from both sides of the aisle; that's the pragmatic reality of politics. As well, the stiffie "support" of Schiavo already looked like naked politics to even the most disconnected observer. The issue was deftly dismissed by the rightie leadership as "RatherGate II", & would have died if the zealots had let it fade into the news fog of the Vatican.....

Well, the Mooney Times would not, and set about to teach those war-and-freedom-hating bleeders a lesson with their nifty scientific survey.

But today the tide turned with a feeble rightie admission (as it was no doubt about to bust wide open) though the admission was riddled with caveats such as "I don't know how it got on my computer", "I don't how it got printed and in my hands", "I don't know how it got from my hands to others". (as Jon Stewart would say, "now, uuhh, not that much" or Gilda Radner as Miss Emily Litella, "Never mind!!!")

Actual copy of memo.


Anonymous said...

The liberal/Rockefeller Republicans have once again given the MSM a mace to bludgeon all Republicans with. Last month’s star-crossed attempt by liberal Republicans to expand the role of government will hurt all Republicans. Mel is an imbecile. It is starting to look like ’06 will be a rerun of ’92 when Reagan Democrats left the Republican Party in a vain attempt to find a truly conservative party. Again liberal Republicans give the MSM the weapons to drive all Republicans out of office.

Rod Stanton

sooray said...

Thanks for the comment. What's this MSM thing? I see it might be a rightie derogatory term for the "lib-er-al media" in general (I wonder if that includes FOX), but what do the letters stand for? And who are the "liberal" republicans (names)? Thanks. I'm not being mean or sarcastic, just trying to understand another point of view. What was the attempt last week to expand gov't (isn't that what King George has been doing??)? Also, Mel who?