Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Torturing Cheerleaders

It drives me crazy that there are several points continually being made with regard to Iraq and Afghanistan (as opinion) in the mainstream media w/o being properly challenged, imho. So to preserve my sanity, I will address them here. First the approximate quotes, followed by my take:

"We worry so much about a little torture, but these are serious bad guys. They cut people's heads off!!"
  • This makes an assumption that everyone imprisoned by the US in Gitmo, Iraq, and Afghanistan are radical Islamists, and are guilty of violent crimes.
  • These folks have no due process, no access to impartial assistance.
  • This is typical US myopia to the real world; if they were white americans being tortured in foreign jails there'd be incredible outrage.
  • It also drives me nuts when the lefties say "the reason we shouldn't torture is that we don't want to set that precedent should our soldiers be captured". We should avoid torture because it is morally wrong, period.
"Hey, our guys are just blowing off a little steam, and besides, we're at war!!!!"
  • The war thing, in all its forms, kills me. They make it sound like foreign armies are occupying Los Angeles as we speak. We chose to invade a sovereign nation that posed absolutely no threat to the US; the least we could have done was to have properly planned for what should have been obvious problems.
  • Again, if they were innocent americans in foreign jails being treated like that, it would not be viewed as "blowing off steam". These are human beings for god's sake. We're in their country (or part of the world). What am I missing?
"1,300 American soldiers have lost their lives....."
  • ...which is absolutely tragic. But why does the reporting stop there? What about the 10,000+ soldiers who've come home with horrific injuries, the majority of them being things that will affect their quality of life for the rest of their lives?
  • What about the tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers who were killed, with their only options being to be blown away by overwhelming firepower or being shot for desertion?
  • What about the estimated 100,000+ innocent Iraqi civilians which have been killed since the US invasion of their country? Why aren't "journalists" covering this with the same ferocity they cover the SE Asian tsunami (which is also worthy of coverage)?
  • We, as americans, need to know the true cost of this war being waged in our name. We know there's at least 57 million citizens willing to listen.
There, I feel a little better.......

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