Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Can We Talk (Joan Rivers style)???

I don't like to gloat, and I don't like when it's done to me. It's not constructive.

But can I take a moment to say nyah nyah nyah?

We deserve it. You pompous, righteous blowhards have been slamming us with your "fair and balanced" crap for 12 years.

Time to show you get as good as you give.

I am enraptured (no pun intended) with the rightie response today. My reaction:

Now we're subjected to the big government tax 'n spend group again
  • Yeah, as opposed to the folks who have driven a record surplus into a record debt, with no end in sight. Can you say DHS?? The reality (as opposed to the empty rightie rhetoric) is that the Reps have proven they've never met a spending bill they didn't love. Except they don't tax for the revenues, they borrow. Its like dropping a teenage girl off at the mall with an unlimited credit card.

Osama bin Laden is joyful now

  • Oh, did I fall asleep just now? Oh yeah, that old Rove/Copperfield sleight of hand

Well, the Dems had better perform now or....

  • Or what? You're gonna return congress to the pedophiles, crooks and druggies?

The Dems didn't win it, the Reps lost it

  • Yeah, whatever you need to believe to relieve the sting. The Dems have learned some things about campaigning over the last 6 years. They were focused and disciplined. They worked very hard and stayed on message. They didn't get drawn into false choices or hypotheticals. Tens of thousands of volunteers made millions of phone calls, rang millions of doorbells, contributed millions of dollars, sent millions of eMails, and hosted thousands of activism parties. Air America and other underpaid (in some cases unpaid) broadcasters did tens of thousands of shows getting the message out, and did the media circuits. Maybe the Reps incompetent governance made it the huge blowout it was, but the Dems earned the victory.

As Lou Dobbs said, the voters have told you that it's now your turn to shut up and listen.....

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