Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Colbert Fever

You know you have a real story when folks are still talking about an event a week and a half after it happened. In modern times we discuss today what the entertainment media told us to talk about last night or this morning, then tomorrow dutifully change to the assigned topic du jour, yesterday's news a faded memory.

So now a week and a half we still have the pundits parsing the now famous Steven Colbert speech at the annual White House Correspondents dinner in D.C. One of the initial reactions right after the event was the predictable righteous indignation of the regressive talkers as they tried to kill that story early on. Shameful, disrespectful, not funny, and on and on went the critics. Excuse me?????!! Not funny???!! Or maybe did most of it go over your head?

But then stodgy, buttoned-down CSPAN awakens to find they actually have a hit on their hands!

And so Mr. Colbert has gone from emerging sidekick to the toast of the town. Well, toast of half of the town (or is it 69% now?).

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