Tuesday, February 07, 2006


If there is any humor or entertainment value in the tragedy that occurred in the city of New Orleans this fall hurricane season, it must surely be in the antics and shenanigans of Mayor Ray Nagin. Here is a man who would not warrant even regional attention normally, but through this catastrophic event has been granted a global stage, and he's playing it for all its worth. Just as he seems to wear out his headline welcome, he manages to pull another rabbit out of his hat. Cindy Sheehan could learn a thing or two from him. I don't know whether he's sincere or just an opportunist, but he's never dull.

The latest rabbit seems to be a promising attempt to shame D.C. into fulfilling pledges to assist with the rebuilding of the Big Easy. He's entertaining world leaders, trying to get them to purchase a bit of the Louisiana Purchase. To say the least, the results will be amusing.

But beneath the prank is a familiar theme: W is long on political show (such as his pricey Jackson Square performance), but short on performance (even as he plans to spend still more on "national defense"). Assistance is critical now, before the city loses its character forever, and its residents lose their home forever. NOLA burns, Nero continues to fiddle.

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