Friday, January 27, 2006


Ya' know, I'm surprised conspiracy theorists haven't had a field day with this one! Consider for a moment that W is a foreign agent, planted by, say, the House of Saud to bring down the good 'ole US of A. Let's look at the evidence:
  • Running the most rapidly progressing deficit in history, increasingly mortgaging our financial future to the Chinese
  • If the warrantless spying thing ever sees the inside of a courtroom and is found to be illegal, many legitimate "tearist" convictions could be overturned due to tainted evidence
  • Fueling the growth of Islamic extremism by invading an Islamic nation which did not pose a threat to the US
  • Dismantling the social infrastructure at home
  • Fracturing the post WWII alliance
  • Last but not least, rendering our military ineffective in the event of a real threat
Think about it. If even 3 of these things come to pass, it could begin the passing of a great nation.


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