Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Definitions and Messaging

Very interesting perspective on each side of the political divide. Though there's no doubt on which side the author resides (just read the name at the top left. Ha! no pun intended!), it is a somewhat clinical and objective article.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a little off topic here, but I wanted to point out the subtle and nuanced diplomacy displayed by "the W" in the past couple of days. If this is the way the US/Russia/Europe Reunion Tour of 2005 is going to go, i seems like tickets will be avaiable in abundance.

See W. See W go to Russia where we're barely hanging on to a post-cold-war alliance of incalculable worth (in terms of the cost of defending ourselves from hostile intent of their armory. Iran maybe, N. Korea a handful, Russia ....). See him start telling them what's right, what's wrong, what to do, and how to do it. After a chilling post-party he jumped on AF1 and is now broadcasting to the folks at his next stop that they'd better not lift the arms embargo against China, or Uncle US will be pissed and maybe try to hurt them for doing so.

Does this administration have the first clue how to cooperate? For folks who claim the moral high ground against dictators, it sure looks like it takes one to know one.

olks, we why is he bothering? He should have jsut stayed home.

First he blasts Russia

sooray said...

I don't know, its confusing. I guess one has to start with what we do know. First, he can't be taken for his word. Second, he has an agenda that includes cementing the future of the theocracy he's created. Third, the moderates needed to support this are applying post-election pressure to make nice with the world. Lastly, he's proven that he can create his own reality; when he says its true, it becomes true. So now the new reality is that the Iraq adventure has full NATO support (meaning EU), and Russia & Iran can feel properly spanked. Moderates happy. Meanwhile, the EU, Russia and China are cooking up their own party, and the US of A is not invited.......