Thursday, April 13, 2006

"I think we need a fresh start..."

There seems to be no end to the supply of retired military generals lining up for their turn at the microphone to lambaste Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's performance leading the Pentagon, and the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Just as the buzz on the airwaves and blogosphere was reaching a fevered pitch this afternoon over yesterday's Washington Post article quoting Maj. General John Batiste as saying (among other things) "I think we need a fresh start", CNN reports that Maj. General Charles Swannak has told them that "I really believe that we need a new secretary of defense because Secretary Rumsfeld carries too much baggage" in this interview today.

To my knowledge this is way beyond unprecedented. This makes 6 or 7 retired military commanders who have made highly critical public statements about how Rumsfeld has prosecuted this war, (and in some cases have questioned the war itself) and have called for the removal of him and those he surrounds himself with. And the fact that this man has claimed to have twice submitted his resignation to W, and was twice turned down, if true, implicates the president in this mismanagement as well.

Remarkably, of the three military leaders who have spoken out in Rumsfeld's defense over the last year or so, two still reported to him at the time they did so. And essentially all they say is that he works hard, is smart & efficient, and knows a lot of stuff. Sounds like the perfect sole qualifications for a guy leading a $500B+ (annual) military operation. They do not speak to the charges of poor judgement, not listening to the guys who know how this business works, and unhealthy cronyism.

I can't even in my wildest imagination think of how the wing nuts on the right are going to spin this.

UPDATES: New York Times weighs in, and, another day, another general


J. C. CAREY, CPT, U.S. ARMY said...

Oh, please - spare me. All of the sudden, you love these opportunistic retired Generals, who lacked the GUTS to say anything about Rumsfield when they were serving. Why not retire on principal, then make your statement? More generals back the Secretary, and you and the Drive-By Media, as Rush so effectively puts it, pant like dogs in what is obviously another attack on President George W. Bush.

Democrats will lose BIG in 2006, AND 2008. Bank on it.


sooray said...

Thanks for your comments. However anyone who blindly still thinks Iraq was a great idea and is going swimmingly, and, looks to Limbaugh for wisdom, has no credibility with me. Listen to Gen, Anthony Zinni with an open mind (tough, maybe impossible for the Old Testament "christians") for 20 minutes, then talk to me.

sooray said...

Oh, and is typical of your ilk, your comments are laden with inaccuracies, amd rife with meaningless spin.

J. C. CAREY, CPT, U.S. ARMY said...

Hey, Lib:

I could care less for your comment on my Service...I could care less -so much for "supporting the troops." I know that I have served, and that I'm a Patriot - Yes, I question your patriotism.

As for your comment on credibility...That's alright - you liberals have no Credibility...PERIOD.

I was in General Baptiste's Division, Pal - seen a little more than your evening news boys have allowed you to see; my guess is that you are one of many liberals who willingly blind themselves to the truth, and to the good news. A lot of good things have happened over there, but you guys simply are fueled by hating George Bush. "Swimmingly" is your term - no, it's not that easy over there.

The insurgents/terrorists are still attacking, and killing many of their own. Naturally, they're fueled by the encouraging attacks on President liberal democrats. You guys make great allies to our enemies...

I thank GOD that spineless liberals of today (like you & your heroes), and opportunists (like Zinni) didn't have much voice back in WWII. German or Japanese food would be the main fare in America today.

Thank GOD for That Greatest Generation, and for media heroes like Ernie Pyle, who considered himself an American...not part of the "International Community." Give me a break...

Go on back to your hate George Bush tantrums. No, no - sick of hearing liberal opportunists - you can have your 20 minutes. As for Rush, you guys couldn't hope to have someone on your side nearly as right...or well-listened-to. Go on back to Al Franken, light up some dope, listen to Hendrix, and relive your sit-ins of the 60's.

Oh yes...the New York Times is so FULL of credibility these past days...and years, right? Get real.
The Drive-By Liberal Media are just that, and you obviously must like their bias.

You know what? Don't worry about my wanting to talk to you anymore about this. You are a liberal - and exchanging ideas that require putting America first is probably too difficult. Sorry...I'm not going to come over to your side. For that you must be Thankful.

Oh, yeah...GOP will still 2006 AND in 2008. Bubba won't get Hillary in the White House, either. All your work at hurting our country...just to get some power back. All for NOTHING - - Enjoy those thoughts, and your losses...


sooray said...

Actually, I REALLY love Japanese food! Not so hot about German food tho. So its a good thing we had strong Regressives in the White House for WWII.......

sooray said...

Actually I'm trying to put America first; not your fear/hate mongering facist idealogues. Get with the honest program, anyone can falsely wrap themselves in the flag. And you know nothing about my service; I don't brag, I do.